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Watch this video and more on Musik At Home

Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 1

Mini Lesson - Arctic Fox Duet

3m 26s

Up Next in Unit 1: Nordic Adventures

  • Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Mini...

    Join the arctic fox to play your new song on the piano!

  • Lesson 4 Music

    Come over the land and the sea to find Tomtens in Sweden! A Tomten has a kind heart to help people when they least expect it, and he doesn't like to be seen doing his good deeds. He's always up to something!

  • Piano Lesson 4 - Tomtens in Sweden

    Continue the adventure in the Swedish countryside with the Tomten! Sing songs in dorian, lydian, minor, and major tonalities. Listen for duple and triple meter. Make your way around the keyboard with the new song, Tomten Tale!