Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 1

Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 1

19 Episodes

Travel the world with music and through literature, experiencing our unique method that teaches children music from the inside out, the intuitive way. This isn’t just Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb - all the music is newly composed for your family to take a journey to other places and times through singing, rhythm, chanting, and navigating the geography of the piano while exploring the geography of the Nordic countries.

The curriculum is written by Kathryn Brunner and based on Edwin Gordon's Music Learning Theory. Children will be acculturated to duple and triple meter along with all seven western tonalities.

You'll also want to get the Practice Book for this course. The Practice Book, available in our online store, comes with daily practice prompts to grow your skills by expanding upon the the material in the lesson videos.

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Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 1
  • Welcome to a fresh approach to Piano Lessons!

    Episode 1

    Say goodbye to dull piano lessons and hello to Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures from Musik at Home! Find out what this program offers and get a quick overview of how to lead your child through the lessons. Musik at Home makes lessons affordable so your child can have a strong foundation in music ...

  • Members Piano Practice Book Discount: Unit 1

    Episode 2

    The Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Piano Practice Book is essential for every student's success. Musik at Home Members get the Practice Book with a discount. The discount code for Practice Book Unit 1 is inside this video. Follow the link below to get to the Musik at Home products store:

  • Lesson 1 Music

    Episode 3

    Come over the land and sea to begin your Nordic Adventure! Step onto the snowy Nordic coast and see if you can spot the Polar Bears! Listen to these tracks daily as you prepare for your first video lesson. Continue to listen daily while you are practicing the concepts in the first video lesson.

  • Piano Lesson 1 - Polar Bears in Norway

    Episode 4

    Travel to the coast of Norway to meet the polar bears who call it their home. Move, sing, chant and discover the sounds of the piano that mimic the sounds of the polar bear. Find your way around the piano as you learn the geography of the piano and explore what you can do with the black keys.


  • Lesson 1 Practice Track - Polar Bear Chant

    Episode 5

    Follow the practice prompts in the Practice Book to play along with this practice audio track for "Polar Bear Chant."

  • Lesson 2 Music

    Episode 6

    Join the puffins in Iceland for your next Nordic Adventure! Watch how they move and fly. Can you move or fly like a puffin as you listen? Feel the rhythm of the music and sing along with the melodies as you prepare for your next Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures piano lesson!

  • Piano Lesson 2 - Puffins in Iceland!

    Episode 7

    Travel to Iceland to meet the Puffins! Move like a Puffin to our "Puffin Song" and learn to play along at the piano. Explore rhythm patterns in duple and triple meters. Echo tonal patterns in major and dorian tonalities. Learn how to find the resting tone in any song you hear!

  • Lesson 2 Practice Track - Puffin Chant

    Episode 8

    Follow the prompts in the practice book to complete the activities with this practice track. Establish a strong sense of beat as you tap along, move along and play along to this practice track for Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Lesson 2!

  • Lesson 2 Practice Track - Puffin Song

    Episode 9

    Follow the practice prompts in the Practice Book to play along with this practice audio track for "Puffin Song." Play along to keep a steady beat and discover different sounds on the piano!

  • Lesson 3 Music

    Episode 10

    Visit the Arctic tundra in Sweden. Meet the Arctic Fox and the Dala Horse! You'll find a touch of winter and spring here on this adventure. Dance, sing and play along!

  • Piano Lesson 3 - The Arctic Fox in Sweden

    Episode 11

    Explore the Arctic Tundra of Sweden and learn to play the "Arctic Fox" song on the piano with two hands! Discover Sweden's most famous toy. Sing, move, chant and enjoy making music from the inside out in this class full of Nordic Adventures!

  • Lesson 3 Practice Track - The Arctic Fox

    Episode 12

    Tiptoe and jump with the arctic fox in Arctic Tundra as you practice "Arctic Fox" on the piano!

  • Mini Lesson - Arctic Fox Duet

    Episode 13

    How fast does an Arctic Fox move across the tundra? How fast can your fingers move across the keys? In this mini lesson, you'll perform the Arctic Fox song as a duet and then you'll have a chance to put your skills to the test. Keep practicing! Every day you will improve!

  • Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Mini Lesson - Play with the Arctic Fox

    Episode 14

    Join the arctic fox to play your new song on the piano!

  • Lesson 4 Music

    Episode 15

    Come over the land and the sea to find Tomtens in Sweden! A Tomten has a kind heart to help people when they least expect it, and he doesn't like to be seen doing his good deeds. He's always up to something!

  • Piano Lesson 4 - Tomtens in Sweden

    Episode 16

    Continue the adventure in the Swedish countryside with the Tomten! Sing songs in dorian, lydian, minor, and major tonalities. Listen for duple and triple meter. Make your way around the keyboard with the new song, Tomten Tale!

  • Lesson 4 Practice Track

    Episode 17

    Find your new resting tone and play along with three imaginative songs to continue your adventure!

  • Mini Lesson 4

    Episode 18

    Join the Tomten and the Fox for a musical mash up you'll love!

  • Mini Lesson 4.1

    Episode 19

    Learn extra special skills for The Tomten and Fox Prowl songs!