Ukulele Adventures

Ukulele Adventures

Join VeggieTales Music Director, Kurt Heinecke and his daughter, elementary school teacher, Gretchen Demonbreun for Ukulele Adventures! Learn the fundamentals of Ukulele with chords, rhythm and melodies. By the end of the course, you will have the skills to learn to play hundreds of songs. Don't forget to print out your Ukulele Adventures Practice Book that is included with this course.

Ukulele Adventures
  • Ukulele Adventures: Introduction

    Find out what you need to begin your Ukulele lessons! You'll discover the parts of the Ukulele, how to tune your instrument, and how to hold your instrument. You'll also learn the basics of the Ukulele strings so you can be ready to begin playing chords in the next lesson. There is a lot of infor...

  • Ukulele Adventures: Lesson 1

    Come along as we learn our first chord and take two classics- "Are You Sleeping" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat-" and do some neat mash-ups! Also, did you know the ukulele is NOT from Hawaii? Come find out where it's actually from!

  • Ukulele Adventures: Bonus Lesson 1

    Have a merry time learning a spooky, new version of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat...Roughly Out To Sea!" Kurt brings out his accordion for this to add the pirate-y flair!

  • Ukulele Adventures: Lesson 2

    Laugh along with us as we teach you an original song of ours, "The Lunch Song," and then take it back to the good old classic, "Mary Had a Little Lamb." And did you know that ukuleles and astronauts go together? Come see how!

  • Ukulele Adventures: Bonus Lesson 2

    The sea shanty "John Kanaka" pairs surprisingly nicely with cups! Yep, that's right...CUPS! Learn an entertaining "cup drumming" routine to accompany this Irish nautical song!

  • Ukulele Adventures: Lesson 3

    Come create with us as we take our own spin on "Skip to My Lou," and be ready to put on some island flair for "Day-Oh (The Banana Boat Song)!"

  • Ukulele Adventures: Bonus Lesson 3

    You're invited backstage for Kurt Heinecke's studio tour! He has been the composer for Veggie Tales for the past 30 years, recorded music for Disney parades and shows, written movie scores, and collects the coolest array of instruments from all over the world! Come check it out!

  • Ukulele Adventures: Lesson 4

    Come along for the ride as we learn "Camptown Races" and have fun grooving to "Tingalayo," a song from the Caribbean! We'll also take a fun peak into the great Elvis Presley and the Beatles and their love for the ukulele!

  • Ukulele Adventures: Bonus Lesson 4

    Come along and learn a song you'll sing every year- "Happy Birthday!" Now you'll be able to serenade your friends and family on their next birthday! Just watch out for our corny birthday jokes along the way. Now go be like a turtle and shellebrate!

  • Student Performance

    Kiara learned to play Ukulele from Kurt and Gretchen's Ukulele Adventures course. She had no prior experience playing the Ukulele. After learning all the basics by taking the course, she can now teach herself how to play songs she loves like this one by JJ Heller.

  • Ukulele Adventures Practice Book

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