Parent Education

Parent Education

4 Episodes

Parent Education
  • How To Do Musik at Home with Your Child and Get Results

    Episode 1

    You're not alone! Let a veteran Musik at Home momma walk you through the pathway to success! Find out why Dana has been a Musik at Home Member for six years and why she plans to be using this program for at least another nine years. If you're using Musik at Home with your family, or considering i...

  • How to Give Your Child the Gift of Musical Understanding

    Episode 2

    Dr. Heather Shouldice is an expert on the ways children learn music most effectively. Find out how your child's heart, mind and body are naturally wired to learn music from the inside out.
    Check out her wildly successful podcast here:

  • How To Play Piano with Understanding

    Episode 3

    Find out how we apply Music Learning Theory to piano lessons in this conversation with Krista Jadro: Piano Faculty, Gordon Institute for Music Learning as we discuss Music Moves for Piano by Marilyn Lowe, a piano curriculum featuring audiation based learning sequences to develop students' musicia...

  • Honoring Marilyn Lowe

    Episode 4

    Marilyn White Lowe was an innovator in music education. After learning about her passing on 9/16/22, Krista Jadro and Kathryn Brunner take a moment to honor her legacy by remembering her as their teacher, mentor and friend. Her life is to be celebrated!

    A statement from Marilyn's family on 9/16...