I Love Note Reading

I Love Note Reading

7 Episodes

This class series is your child's invitation to begin reading music. The curriculum covers seven famous folksongs.
For each song, Kathryn Brunner will be taking you and your child through the following steps:
Aural Preparation: Listening and internalizing the song!
Singing the song with an active imagination!
Singing the solfege for the song
Exploring the movement of the melody
Listening for the resting tone
Identifying the resting tone on the notation cards
Identifying the movement of the melody on the notation cards
Recognizing the melodic patterns on the cards
Singing the melodic patterns on the cards
Putting the cards in order to complete the song!

In addition, there are three more wonderful steps to develop your child's musicianship including dictation exercises (writing the notes onto the cards), reading the music from the actual score, and playing the card game with all of the melodic + rhythmic values.

Get your essential class materials here: https://www.mymusikathome.com/collections/family-materials/products/i-love-note-reading

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I Love Note Reading
  • I Love Note Reading: Introduction

    Episode 1

    Discover what's inside this class series and how to use the class materials! Join us for a musical journey through seven well known folk songs. Hot Cross Buns, I See the Moon, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sea Shell, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Lavender's Blue, and Camptown Races. Get your class mater...

  • I Love Note Reading Class 1: Your Listening Guide!

    Episode 2

    Welcome to I Love Note Reading! This LIVE class recording is your portal to success! The more listening your child does to the music in this class, the more prepared they will be to make sense of the music when it comes to reading it on our cards. Today we will start with aural preparation! We wi...

  • I Love Note Reading Class 2: Hot Cross Buns

    Episode 3

    Learn the patterns in Hot Cross Buns in the LIVE class recording. Sing along. Listen carefully. Next, sing the song silently in your head. This is the skill of audiation! Then sing the song out loud again. Can you recognize the patterns as we play with our melodic notation cards?

  • I Love Note Reading Class 3: I See the Moon

    Episode 4

    Enjoy this imaginative music class exploring the melodic patterns in "I See the Moon" and learning how to complete a dictation exercise for "Hot Cross Buns!" Get your melodic notation cards here: https://www.mymusikathome.com/collections/family-materials/products/i-love-note-reading.

  • I Love Note Reading Class 4: Mary Had a Little Lamb

    Episode 5

    If you had a friend named Mary and she had a little lamb, would you want that little lamb to visit your school? You're sure to enjoy this familiar tune. Learn all about the movement of the melodic pattern as we play our card game with the notation cards for "Mary Had a Little Lamb." We'll also be...

  • I Love Note Reading Class 5: Sea Shell

    Episode 6

    Take a trip to the ocean with this seaside melody! Do you have a seashell you can bring to class? Every seashell has a song to sing! Join in the song of the ocean as we explore the movement of this beautiful melody with our notation cards. Get your printable melodic notation cards here: https://w...

  • I Love Note Reading Class 6: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Episode 7

    Twinkle Twinkle like a star in this fun class with many familiar melodies. Learn how to read the music for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, learn how to write the music for Mary Had a Little Lamb, and read the musical score for Hot Cross Buns.