Family Music for Preschoolers

Family Music for Preschoolers

13 Episodes

Online music classes for your preschooler include over 70 structured activities for musical play. Activities include poetry, movement exploration, introduction to major and minor tonalities, tonal and rhythm pattern echoes, an introduction to duple and triple meter, and imaginative, musical storytelling.

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Family Music for Preschoolers
  • Family Music for Preschoolers: Introduction

    Find out how to take your child through these carefully developed classes to maximize your child's musical growth and participation. Your child will only participate in the activities to the extent that you participate and give your full attention to the class, engaging your child at every turn!...

  • Family Music For Preschoolers: 1. Pond Play

    What do you like to do on a summer day? Join us for a sunny day walk to the pond to catch a fish, see some turtles, jump with the frogs and discover how much fun it can be to explore nature together with music!

  • Family Music For Preschoolers 2: A Walk in the Woods

    Get your imagination running as we take a walk in the woods in this delightful music and movement class for you and your preschooler. Pet a bunny, wave to the woodsmen, and make sure you stay dry when you get to the creek!

  • Family Music For Preschoolers 3: Visiting the Meadow

    A joyful visit to the meadow is a favorite activity for little ones! Enjoy this interactive and imaginative class with your preschooler as we take a trip to meadow where we meet rabbits, goats, lambs and other jumpy, hoppy animals!

  • Family Music For Preschoolers 4: Bugs and Bees

    Explore the buzzy, woodsy sounds of bugs and bees. Move like your favorite insect and fly like a bee in this music and movement class for you and your preschooler!

  • Family Music For Preschoolers 5: Sky & Weather

    Join in the fun as we explore the inspiring sounds and scenes of the sky and weather. Can you hear all of the different noises weather makes? It pings, zings, pounds, flashes, sings and twinkles!

  • Family Music For Preschoolers 6: Birds, Trees and Butterflies

    Come join in sunny fun as we sing and move to songs about chirpy birds, swaying trees, fluttering butterflies and more!

  • 1. Kumbaya Bonus

    Sitting around a campfire near the pond, what better song to sing than Kumbaya! Rhythm and tonal patterns build your child's musical foundation.

  • 2. Billy Billy Bonus

    A silly playful song to sing on your walk in the woods! Enjoy the the swinging beat and be sure to let me hear your enthusiastic echoes!

  • 3. Looby Lou Bonus

    A playful song to get your whole body moving! You can also try this one standing up. Don't forget that the rhythm and tonal patterns are the most important part, so have fun with them too!

  • 4. See the Pony Bonus

    What would a pony do if a bug or a bee buzzed by it's ear? It might gallop away! Enjoy this galloping triple beat!

  • 5. Stars Shining Bonus

    What else might you see in the sky at night around the moon? Stars shining! Wiggle your fingers and get ready to count! Use your best singing voice to sing as if you are a sparkly star in the sky.

  • 6. Bim Bam Bonus

    Every baby bird needs a lullaby rocking song. Imagine singing this song to a baby bird in it's nest. Rock and sway to the beat. Sing the minor patterns softly so you don't wake the baby bird.