Family Music for Mixed Ages

Family Music for Mixed Ages

17 Episodes

Bring the whole family together around charming songs, dances and rhymes that are sure to fill your day with joy while giving your children the benefits of early childhood music education for ages 1-5! Over 100 musical activities in repeatable classes give you easy access to the benefits of early music education for your young children.

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Family Music for Mixed Ages
  • Introduction to Mixed Ages

    Episode 1

    Bring the whole family together around charming songs, dances and rhymes that are sure to fill your day with brightness & joy. Both new and familiar melodies strengthen your child's natural love for music and movement while laying a strong foundation for music literacy. You'll discover your favor...

  • 1. Family Music for Mixed Ages: Nimble & Quick - Clocks & Candles

    Episode 2

    Climb inside a clock and jump over a candle stick all while listening for your favorite rhymes! Add your voice to join in the fun! Grab a scarf to wriggle up a clock tower. Tap your sticks to the steady flow of beloved nursery rhymes to discover them anew! Spin, dip, shake and twirl as you enjoy ...

  • 2. Family Music for Mixed Ages: Nimble & Quick - Bed Time & Bath Time

    Episode 3

    What comes next after an energy packed, bouncy joyful day? It's time to take a splashy bath and get ready to lie down in your cozy bed. Role play your own evening routine with these delightfully engaging songs and rhymes. Bounce into the bath tub, hug your teddy bear, and enjoy a sweet lullaby to...

  • 3. Family Music for Mixed Ages: Nimble & Quick - Flying & Floating

    Episode 4

    Hop in a buggy, soar in an airplane, and coast down the river in a steam boat! Look up to the sky! Do you see the smoke floating up from a factory chimney? Can you see the birds twittering about? Join the birds in their song! Take a tour of the factory and see if the workers are going about their...

  • 4. Family Music for Mixed Ages: Twist & Turn - Rhymes & Rhythms

    Episode 5

    Bouncy rhythms and story rhymes are sure to captivate young minds and bodies in this twisty, turny class for mixed ages. Grab your grooved rhythm sticks, kick up those dancing feet and put on your listening ears! Can you add your voice to the songs you know? Can you chant and echo the fun pattern...

  • 5. Family Music for Mixed Ages: Twist & Turn - Bouncing & Bounding

    Episode 6

    Enjoy this smooth class flow with high-fives, joyful marching, silly bouncing, rhythm sticks cascading, bells jingling, and instruments showing off their voices. :-) Take a trip to the farm. Ride a horse. Take a trip to the market! Twist, turn, jump, bounce, sing, and move with your budding music...

  • 6. Family Music for Mixed Ages: Twist & Turn - Splashy Songs

    Episode 7

    Do you love splashing in puddles? Grab your imaginary umbrella to join us for a rainy day adventure! Let your voice ring out as you echo some silly song lyrics! Can you feel the wind blowing? Did you get soaked through from the rain? Go back inside to dry off, pour a cup of tea, and play some sin...

  • Bonus Video: Musical Riddles

    Episode 8

    Join 6 year old Kiara for some musical riddles! Will you get stumped?

  • Bonus Video: Kiddy Kum Kimo

    Episode 9

    Dancing and swinging and singing! That's what this video is all about!

  • Bonus Video: Zum Gali Gali (The Working Song!)

    Episode 10

    Get out your drum, tap the beat and sing with me!

  • Bonus Video: Wee Willie Winkie

    Episode 11

    Sing along with this silly nursery rhyme!

  • Bonus Video: All the little ducklings

    Episode 12

    Learn how to play this German Folk tune on the Glockenspiel! Sing the solfege and imagine yourself diving under the water with all the ducklings!

  • Bonus Video: Oranges and Lemons

    Episode 13

    Sing about the famous bell towers in England and learn the solfege to go with it.

  • Bonus Video: Mary Mary Quite Contrary

    Episode 14

    Spring is a wonderful time to plant a garden! Send your voice into the sky with this new melody to the beloved nursery rhyme "Mary Mary Quite Contrary."

  • Bonus Video: Mouse Mousie

    Episode 15

    Sing along with this favorite American Folk Tune!

  • Bonus Video: Ride a Cock Horse

    Episode 16

    Take a little ride to Banbury Cross! Grab your shakers and listen to the clip clop of the horses hooves as we go!

  • Bonus Video: Hands A Washing

    Episode 17

    Have you ever tried to dry your hands and found the towel much too high to reach? Find out what to do when that happens in this fun, silly song!