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Watch this video and more on Musik At Home

Family Music for Babies & Toddlers

Family Music for Babies 6: Sing and Play


Up Next in Season 1: Family Music for Babies & Toddlers

  • Lullabies with Tessa Bonus

    Hum along with these endearing lullabies that will soothe your baby or toddler. This calming flow of lullabies in this short bonus video will not only calm your baby, it might also bring calm to your entire home. Sweet Dreams!

  • Triple Patterns

    Sing patterns while you have your little one in your lap as you tap the steady beat on your child's legs. There are many patterns in this bonus video! No need to tackle them all at once. This bonus is designed for you to model more echoes for your little one. You can enjoy letting the video play ...

  • Hush Little Baby

    Your Baby LOVES to hear your voice! Hum along with me or sing with me if you know the words! This easy to follow song includes a demonstration of stroking as full body stimulation while your baby is wide awake. Notice how the baby's feet begin to move and her whole body begins to engage as the so...