Family Music for Ages 4-7

Family Music for Ages 4-7

10 Episodes

Over 150 musical activities introduce your child to the fundamentals of singing, rhythm, composition, creative movement, music notation, dynamic markings, and more! These sequential classes for music and movement add exciting new skill layers to your child's musical foundation. Building ensembles and reading-writing musical notation are at the heart of these endearing classes.

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Family Music for Ages 4-7
  • Family Music for Ages 4-7: Introduction

    Episode 1

    Find out how to take your child through these carefully developed classes to maximize your child's musical growth and participation. You will deepen the bond you have with your child as you spend time together with these delightful songs, rhythms, rhymes and dances.

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 - Class 1. My Home Place: Home Sweet Home

    Episode 2

    What do you love most about being at home? Do you have any pets? Explore the joys of your home place as you step into an imaginary neighborhood of colorful houses, lush green gardens, and tall climbing trees. Listen to the special voices of those you might meet in your neighborhood. Begin your jo...

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 Class 2. My Home Place: Make Yourself at Home

    Episode 3

    Did you know it’s possible to draw the sounds you hear? Listen closely to the long and short sounds we will draw in this delightful class. Settle in. Put on your story-time ears to hear what will happen when the birds gather all around the fountain outside your neighbor’s home. Get ready to meet ...

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 - Class 3. My Home Place: Tree Homes

    Have you ever seen a squirrel building his dray in a tree? Can you imagine being a squirrel or a bird building a nest on a tree limb? Grab your rhythm instruments and climb up to the top of an apple tree. Meet three famous brass instruments. Swirl and curl up like a snail. Have you ever drawn the...

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 - 4. Woodlands: Rain or Shine, All the Time!

    The woodlands are full of adventure! Music is everywhere. You’ll find animals at play all day and night. Who will you meet during the day? Who stays awake at night? Watch out for the rain, wind and thunder! Imagine taking shelter in your tree home! Can you draw the sounds you hear around you? Joi...

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 - Class 5. Woodlands: Singing or Squawking?

    Listen to the voices of birds living in the woodlands. Which voices do you like? Meet members of the percussion family. Continue down the path toward music literacy as we explore dynamic markings for sound velocity. Perform these sounds on your own instrument. You are the artist! Spread your wing...

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 - Class 6. Woodlands: Sunny-Swirly Skies

    Sing your way through the forest with the Wind and the Sun. Which is stronger? Get ready to act out the story you hear with recorded movement and scarves. Take the next step into the world of dynamic markings. Practice on your own instrument. Dance with hand motions. Move with Beethoven’s musical...

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 - Class 7. Cattail Marsh: Gliding & Chasing

    Row your boat through the marshy waters. Walk through the tall, green grass full of cattails. Go on a high speed chase with the weasel and the muskrat --- around, down, up and splash! Listen for the triple patterns in the poetry you hear. Begin building a new ensemble with these exciting triple r...

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 - Class 8. Cattail Marsh: Heron Watching & Bog Hopping

    Grab a hoop or a blanket. Hop into the water! What would you eat for breakfast if you lived in the Marsh? Learn how to draw the triple rhythm patterns you hear in our ensemble music. Make your very own triple composition. Add your voice to the ensemble! Watch out, it’s tricky! Sing the notes in a...

  • Family Music for Ages 4-7 - Class 9. Cattail Marsh: Muddy Homes & Murky Water

    Listen closely as you hear the sneaky choices Turtle, Squirrel and Raccoon make for their homes. Imagine tramping through mud to get to your home by the water! Would you choose a different home? Cross the mid-line with coordinated rhythmic movement. Learn the elements of binary form in a composit...