Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 2

Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 2

5 Episodes

Embark on the next part of your Nordic Adventure to the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Greenland and Finland.

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Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 2
  • Lesson 5 Music

    Episode 1

    Set sail around the Faroe Islands where puffins are center stage on Puffin Island and sheep roam the islands.

  • Piano Lesson 5 - Sailing in the Faroe Islands

    Episode 2

    Set sail to the Faroe Islands to experience the wonders of sea life. Rhythmic movement and singing activities will get you ready to learn your new song at the piano!

  • Mini Lesson 5

    Episode 3

    Learn to play Puffin Song with both hands!

  • Lesson 5 Practice Track - Puffin Song in D Major

    Episode 4

    Play along with the puffins on Puffin Island! Keep a steady rhythmic beat by playing along on an open tonic chord or play along with the melody using all of the notes you learned for this in Lesson 5.

  • Get the Practice Book Free: Unit 2

    Episode 5

    Musik at Home Members get the Practice Book for free during the release of Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures! Limited time only! The Promo code for Practice Book Unit 2 is inside this video. Follow the link below to redeem your book. Enjoy!

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