Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 2

Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 2

25 Episodes

Embark on the next part of your Nordic Adventure to the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Greenland and Finland.

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Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Unit 2
  • Lesson 5 Music

    Episode 1

    Set sail around the Faroe Islands where puffins are center stage on Puffin Island and sheep roam the islands.

  • Piano Lesson 5 - Sailing in the Faroe Islands

    Episode 2

    Set sail to the Faroe Islands to experience the wonders of sea life. Rhythmic movement and singing activities will get you ready to learn your new song at the piano!

  • Mini Lesson 5

    Episode 3

    Learn to play Puffin Song with both hands!

  • Lesson 5 Practice Track - Puffin Song in D Major

    Episode 4

    Play along with the puffins on Puffin Island! Keep a steady rhythmic beat by playing along on an open tonic chord or play along with the melody using all of the notes you learned for this in Lesson 5.

  • Members Piano Practice Book Discount: Unit 2

    Episode 5

    The Creative Keys: Nordic Adventures Piano Practice Book is essential for every student's success. Musik at Home Members get the Practice Book with a discount. The discount code for Practice Book Unit 2 is inside this video. Follow the link below to redeem your book. Enjoy!

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  • Lesson 6 Music

    Episode 6

    Come join in the search for trolls! When you find them, what will you give them? They are always hungry! Can you hear the difference of tonalities in the songs? This lesson has songs in dorian, phrygian, minor, and major tonalities.

  • Piano Lesson 6 - Trolls in Denmark

    Episode 7

    Come to the forest to hunt for Trolls! They are always hungry, so be sure to bring something to give them. In this lesson, you'll learn a traditional Nordic Dance to go with your new song to play on the piano. Listen carefully for all the rhythm and tonal patterns that will guide your playing.

  • Lesson 6 Practice Track - Happy Trolls in D Major

    Episode 8

    Find D Major position on the piano and get ready to play along. In this simple song, you'll explore triple rhythm with the "Do-mi-sol" melody and have the chance to play the D Major open tonic chord.

  • Mini Lesson 6.0

    Episode 9

    Watch piano experimentation in action with this 6 year old performer. Try it at home! Pick a theme, choose a short rhythm pattern, and experiment by creating a new musical idea at the piano.

  • Mini Lesson 6.1

    Episode 10

    Listen to this performance of Edvard Grieg's piece for children, "Grandmother's Minuet," performed by a ten year old student. Can you find the macrobeat as you listen? If so, move along to the steady beat.

  • Lesson 7 Music

    Episode 11

    Experience the Arctic Sea with the Vikings! Sing along with these five songs in dorian, minor, major, and locrian tonalities. Explore the space around you as you listen. Imagine rocking in your Viking ship on the stormy seas or staring up at the sky as you sail on the smooth waters.

  • Piano Lesson 7 - Vikings in Greenland

    Episode 12

    Heave Ho! Join the Vikings on an expedition to Greenland. Discover new land and explore uncharted waters while you sing in major, minor, dorian and locrian tonalities. In this class, you'll also discover a new position on the piano! Are you ready? Let's set sail!

  • Lesson 7 Practice Track: Daydream in C

    Episode 13

    Set sail on the peaceful waters with this simple song in C Major.

  • Compare & Contrast: Heave Ho! & Sailing

    Episode 14

    Listen and move to "Heave Ho!" & "Sailing." What is similar and what is different about them? Use the prompts in the Unit 2 Practice Book to guide you in this activity.

  • Mini Lesson 7.0

    Episode 15

  • Lesson 8 Music

    Episode 16

    Glide over the snowy hills of Finland on your sled. Imagine the warmth of muffins in the morning. Play in the snow. Build a snowman. Hitch up your reindeer to pull your sled over the snowy glades. Next, head to Lesson 8 where you will sing and move to these songs and learn how to play chordal acc...

  • Piano Lesson 8 - Sledding in Finland

    Episode 17

    Let's go sledding! The hills of Finland are waiting! Before starting the day, enjoy a freshly baked muffin, then hitch up the sled with the reindeer. After a day in the snow and ice, enjoy warming up in the happiest place in Finland. Find out what it is in this piano class where you will learn to...

  • Lesson 8 Practice Track: Hills of Finland

    Episode 18

    Learn how to accompany the song, "Hills of Finland," with chords! It's so much fun! Are you ready?

  • Lesson 8 Practice Track: A Sledding We Go

    Episode 19

    Accompany this song, A Sledding We Go, with chords!

  • Lesson 8 Practice Track: Happy Place

    Episode 20

    Find a new note in your dominant chord as you play along. The chord changes are quick in this song. Don't worry if it's tricky at first! The practice track will always be here for you to practice again and again as you learn how to accompany music with chords.

  • Mini Lesson 8.0

    Episode 21

  • Lesson 8 Practice Track: Dala Horse

    Episode 22

    Learn how to play this beloved song in D Major!

  • Mini Lesson 8.1

    Episode 23

  • Lesson 8 Practice Track: Heave Ho!

    Episode 24

    Play along in D minor!