Call and Respond

Wait with anticipation! You have a part to sing. Call and respond songs are so much fun! Let's hear your voice.

  • Fish-Pole Song- Call-and-Respond Song

    Let's grab a fishing line and head to the pond. Don't forget your tackle box. Will you catch a fish? What will you do with it? Sing along!

  • When I Was a Baby- Call-and-Respond Song

  • Old Jeremiah- Call & Respond- Rhythm Sticks

  • Good Day- Call-and-Respond Song

    What do you say when you wake up in the morning? What about birds, butterflies and ducks? Tweet, flutter and quack with this greeting song that is sure to be a favorite in your house!

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  • Who Are You? Greeting Song

    What do you notice about your child today? Pick one thing your child is wearing and sing it into the song like this: "I see someone with blue jeans on, blue jeans on, blue jeans on. I see someone with blue jeans on, "Who are you?" Or, maybe your child is wearing a red shirt, blue shirt or flip fl...